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Tired of painting lines after it rains?

Use Permanent Markings for Athletic Sports Fields (natural grass fields)

LINETURF is a specially fabricated permanent marking system for natural grass sports fields.  LINETURF is made from durable polyethylene (monofilament) fibers, 2.25 inches high (5.71 cm) tufted onto a porous urethane backing 7 inches wide (17.78 cm).  The marking line consists of white fibers 4 inches wide (10 cm) in the center and is flanked on both sides with green fibers.



Products Applications

Lineturf Your Field:


LINETURF is laid into a trench created on your field with the LINETURF sod cutter blade, which fits any 18″ Ryan/Bluebird sod cutter. Add turf staples, an infill mix, and then the natural grass will grow right into the green slides of LINETURF anchoring it down for a permanent line.

To see more information, go to the LINETURF website here

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