Snow Removal FAQ

Is it worth it to hire a snow removal company?

Yes. When a storm hits, signedcustomers are on the planned route. Automatically, your area will be served without the need to call and worry about when we will come. Your premises are monitored and prioritized for snow clearing, whereas per-call customers are looked after only when the signed, contracted customers were served.

What services do you provide?

We offer commercial snow removal services in the City of Edmonton and areas near Edmonton.  We do snow plowing and snow shoveling of sidewalks and parking lots, including small strip malls. For a complete list of services, plans and rates, click here.

What is the minimum snowfall accumulation amount before you provide service?

Our snow clearing for sidewalks comes with every snowfall, even if the snow accumulation is below 1cm. For parking lots, snow plowing is happens when 5 cm is reached.

What kind of emergency back-up do you have?

Our equipment for snow removal gets checked and maintained after the last run, every time. That way we’re ready for last minute dispatching. We also collaborate with a handful of other trusted contractors, who help us get our clients done quickly, even in an emergency.

What planning takes place before a storm?

We monitor the weather constantly. If a storm is coming we make sure we’ll have the staff and equipment at the ready to tackle it.

How do you calculate the cost for your service?

Our services are calculated by assuming an average of 2 visits per week. Our 5 years of snow removal experience tells us this will balance throughout the winter as some months require more visits than others. Call our service number now (780-233-2264) so we can get a plan in place for this winter.

What type of equipment will be used?

All the required equipment from truck plows to skid steer loaders to street sweepers and snow blowers are available depending on your needs and what the weather throws at us.

Do you have insurance?

Yes.We are WCB insured and have liability insurance. We want to keep everybody safe.

Are you monitoring the plowed lot?

Yes. Plowed lots are being monitored. Even without a fresh snowfall, when there are weather changes from cold to warmer weather, we’ll be there to deal with icing or slippery spots.

Can you provide references in the Edmonton area?

You bet! We have been providing snow removal services for 5 years and we will happily put you in contact with our existing clients.