I absolutely LOVE my turf !! It is so nice not to see dead spots in the grass from the dog !! Is there something I should do when it dries out in case the turf is not standing up – do I need to add more sand or have the old stuff vacuumed out and replaced – I am thinking of the little bits of dirt and dried leaves that may be stuck in there??? What is the normal procedure? I have certainly showed a lot of people and they are all really impressed !! Will give your name to anyone who is interested and thanks again for the wonderful job you did – I couldnt have asked for anything more with regard to the speed with which the job was started and completed and also with the way everything was cleaned up afterward. Thanks again. -Donna

If you are golf facility owner or operator you know how frustrating it can be to keep your natural grass tee line or practice facility looking and performing well throughout the year. Southwest Greens has a solution, our Players Tee will give your members and guests an artificial grass playing  surface they can hit off of all year long.

Our Tee Line Artificial turf is extremely versatile and the synthetic material is perfect for hitting every club in the bag during your practice rounds or golf lessons.

No matter if it’s heavy use, space restrictions, seasonality or lack of direct sunlight; installing Southwest Greens Players Tee will give your golf facility a chance to recover and provide your guests a better experience. This product also works great for problem teeing areas on the golf course.

Contact Evergreen Turf to learn more about our artificial tee lines. Trust the best in synthetic grass and lawn installation.