Our artificial turf and synthetic turf products provide safe, high-performance surfaces perfect for hosting sporting activities. In order to provide the most realistic and practical alternative to grass on the market day, we use only the highest-grade synthetic turf. Our advanced backing system allows our turf to conform to any desired slopes and contours, and ensures maximum drainage with little to no moisture build-up.

Best of all, our products are low-maintenance, so that mowing, watering, and fertilizing will no longer be necessary to keep your synthetic grass looking great year-round. From artificial turf to synthetic grass, Evergreen Turf can install any type of surface to fit your athletic needs. Our network of installers is franchised in exclusive protected territories; we can maintain the dedication to high-quality installations.

Contact Evergreen Turf if you want to know more about our athletic and multipurpose turf solutions. Trust in the best synthetic grass and installation.

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Baseball Halos do the job when it comes to showing off your baseball field–whether natural turf or artificial turf.  Our maintenance-friendly fields only require blowing off dirt and debris from time to time.  We can make each artificial turf fields custom for ou, so you can display your team logo, mascot, school colours, or name!
we also supply batting boxes for batting cages and slow pitch.

Bocce Ball and Lawn Bowling

Evergreen Turf Bocce Ball and Lawn Bowling courts are durable, maintenance friendly synthetic grass.  Our courts provide a surface for a true ball roll and natural ball response for your private residential courts or public courts.


Evergreen Turf can supply and install the perfect turf for a durable, responsive surface on your cricket pitch.  We have experience building them from scratch on both concrete or aggregate in the fields.  They are also great for batting cages.
Practice or play on the best surface possible.

Soccer, Tennis, Indoor or Outdoor

Sports fields or training areas: we have the turf for you.  Call with your ideas; we enjoy the challenge and will satisfy your demands.